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The GEET System

An Invention by Paul Pantone

There is another idea and this one looks great The inventor Paul Pantone has developed a system that Cracks the fuel down no matter the fuel or additives gasoline diesel old oil or even crude oil.. His invention called A GEET Global Environmental Energies Technology

He was awarded a Patent last Aug 19 1998 5,794,601 but could not get any in of the major media to tell the world?

This is a reprint article from the magazine Extraordinary Science published by the Tesla Society. A group of people dedicated to restoring the suppressed ideas of Nikola Tesla But also to help in development of other new ideas and other previous suppressed inventions. They are an invaluable resource for the latest technical advances I am a member and I recommended joining to help our voices be heard .

Unfortunatly the Tesla society has gone bankrupt since this article was printed. I believe that it was the intentions of suppression. I heard that they had also got alot of money in extra donations from the membership and still went under due to stupid or intentional bad deals. One of the many situations when good people start something get it going and others come in to "Help" and get the original people so pissed off with their jerking around, that the original people quit the organization. Then the spies do things to discredit or mess it up so the organizatioon no longer is a threat to the major corporations. I have seen this before with other enviromental and political parties

Now I recommend contacting The Exotic Research Report P.O. Box 411 Stanfield , AZ 85272 (520)424-3581. They have a Resource guide that is full of publications on many suppressed ideas. Steve Elsiwck is the Publisher and was one of the founding members of the Tesla Society Subscriptions: $30.00 US or $35.00 US in Canada or Mexico, $55.00 All other countries

Another publication that has suppressed info is the Free American at US Hwy 380 Box 2943 Bingham New Mexico 87832 ph 505 423 3250 fax 423 3258 or email  freeamerican@etsc.netg or website freeamerican.com. Subscriptions are $30.00 US, $55.00 elsewhere.

I post this article because this man has a very similar and possible simpler system and I am prepared to help him in his fight to get the idea out. I have seen it run and from what I have learned about it so far makes sense. It definitely had cleaner exhaust. I hope to link this idea out so please keep passing the information around We will WIN.

GEET Technology , New Frontiers in plasma physics and alternative Energy By Paul Pantone
PO Box 439 Price
Utah 84501
The GEET Fuel Processor ... The Ultimate Home Power Source.

The Geet fuel processor may soon make it possible for you to own the ultimate home production power plant... one that heats your water, generates electricity, takes care of heating and air conditioning, simply by utilizing waste heat from refrigeration and applying it to storage or hot water, while the generator is giving you all the electricity you want.

In simple definition, the GEET Fuel Processor could be called a new type of carburetor with a miniature refinery built in. With it, There is no need for catalytic converters, smog pumps and many other costly items on cars , as the GEET fuel processor is not just a fuel delivery system it is also a pollution elimination unit! Your mileage will be greatly increased if you are truly consuming ALL of the available energy From whatever fuel you may be using.

I began working on the original concept of better mileage over fifteen years ago, During the fifteen years of testing and research, I was able to achieve the goals of ZERO pollution, while running internal combustion engines on fuel such as crude oil, battery acid, cleaning solvents, even gasoline... some of the tests were done with mixtures with as much as 80% water IMPOSSIBLE ??? SEEING IS BELIEVING !

Having demonstrated the GEET Fuel Processor countless times, I heard over and over " thats impossible." Most of the hundred scientists who have been invited to help in this project have Refused to even come out to look at it, claiming it is impossible. Yet after repeated showings , many potential financial backers have depended on the professional opinion of qualified people, who did not even take the time to even look.

One scientist -Jim _ who Wanted to help me was employed at a major United States Testing Laboratory. We spent several days reviewing how and why the device worked. Jim claimed he could get all the necessary funding to get through the R&D stages by telling the other scientists at work what he had viewed, Jim told me to call him at work the following Wednesday.

When I , called the number I was informed that Jim was asked to resign. They told me that Jim must have been doing some drugs, if he truly believed that he saw a gasoline engine run on crude oil with no pollution.

This type of response is very normal to this inventor. Many sincere people have turned their backs and walked away, because of the input of knowledge of others who laugh and say it is absolutely not possible.

However , a few years ago , at a smog certification station in California, this fuel system was demonstrated while being monitored and videotaped. While running a gasoline engine on crude oil, the final exhaust was actually cleaner than the air in the establishment --zero pollution. This does not defy physics, it only operates within the most basic laws of physics in a unique manner. Basics of GEET technology

The GEET fuel processor is a self inducing plasma generator. In my case, the working proto type was developed long before the technical analysis was attempted. Plasma research is a fairly new field of science. Most of the available text on this subject are from foreign countries.

The technology used on the GEET fuel processor is a combination of very basic scientific principles which fall within most of the normal rules and laws of thermodynamics.

Put quite simply the exhaust heat is transferred to the incoming fuel, which is in a vacuum, and the overall configuration provides a molecular breakdown within the vacuum , the speed of the molecular reaction, or breakdown, is greatly magnified. The GEET Plasma Generator

The phenomenon which occurs within and around the GEET Fuel Processor, can best be described as controlled lightning. As masses of cold and warm air colliding, an electrical discharge occurs. The specific lengths of each colliding mass determines the type and the amount of discharge.

It can be a bolt of lightning, or if the configuration of masses is conductive to a radial type of discharge it may appear as a ball of energy. Many discharges of this nature are so small they are not visible to the human eye. Others are magnified by moisture and radiate in an energy field which is visible as colored light.

When the electromagnetic field is radial as well as longitudinal, and balanced to create the center of the plasma reaction, maximum efficiency of the field is accomplished. This is done within the GEET Fuel Processor, as the plasma is created on demand. Using a steady self generated magnetic field one does not have the problem of random Plasma clusters, as every molecule is held as a constant potential contributor to the demand and the demand controls the field which stabilizes itself within a specific ratio.

The elemental components of the GEET Fuel Processor allow the transfer of virtually all the generated heat into the plasma, which further stabilizes the electromagnetic field, as well as increases the electron flow at any specific need, on demand.

In the GEET device the plasma fields is generated internally. Many attempts to use external electrical mechanical devices to enhance the production of plasmas in the GEET fuel processor, have all failed. This has occurred because the outside interference has opposed the "natural" electromagnetic field, which is self-generated in the GEET fuel processor. Thus the entire magnetic field collapses and entire system shuts down.

In conventional generators, the means of introduction of the magnetic flow is perpendicular or angled to the plasma tube through wave guides, the effectiveness is diminished due the turbulence created. By simply changing the position of the electrode to the center of the plasma field, the turbulence is eliminated, thus more usable energy is created. Furthermore, less extraneous equipment is used to produce and control the plasma.

The movement within the GEET Fuel Processor is "focused" to the specific flow direction of the Plasma being created, thereby maximizing and intensifying the magnetic field and enhancing molecular, or atomic, disassociation.

Without all other elements increasing to equal proportions, one cannot expect that merely increasing the electric arc/magnetic field will be the main reason for specific success of any given test. When the ideal plasma reaction has been created is the time to begin increase or decreasing all parameters involved at their respective equal, or balanced, increments to satisfy an increase or decrease in the plasma flow. In so doing one can increase the Plasma flow to a viable delivery state for commercial use. Plasma Flow

All the current studied Plasma generators, basically share a design and operational feature in that they attempt to PUSH the Plasma chamber. One of the unique differences of the GEET Fuel Processor, is that reduced pressure (vacuum), PULLS the Plasma, which enhances the homogenization of the newly created fuel.

An additional stabilizing feature within our Plasma unit is the recirculation zone is through and beyond both ends of the magnetic field, thus intensifying and further stabilizing the plasma. The size of the recirculation zone needs to coincide to all other parameters within specific limitations- depending on the fuel source-and demand at any given time.

The exact length of the Plasma generation chamber needs to be fully adjustable, to compensate for changes in the molecular density or massive expansions of the fuel being used for Plasma. An example of this would be when 20% battery acid is mixed with 80% saltwater and used as fuel; it needs a shorter Plasma chamber than the one needed for Alaskan Crude Oil.

If the same or larger unit is chosen for the acid mix, the normal running temperatures are exceeded, and the balance of the plasma field is at its optimum performance when ambient air and the final discharge are at the same temperature, and air quality at both points are equal.

When the plasma field tube is too short or too long for the density of the fuel being used, it overheats the high end or forms ice on the low end, respectively. This characteristic is further evidence by numerous tests. When pollutants are noticeable there is an imbalance.

The direction and configuration of heat applied, was made on many of the prior units to formulate conclusions. The specific natural flow of self generated energy which does create its own fields (outside of lightning, and natural phenomenon).

Other plasma generators using outside applied power seem to have less technological reason and practical use than the GEET fuel processor which requires no outside power. Since the energy field which is radial and longitudinal, as well as self generated and constant, we may assume that the current-voltage characteristic of the GEET plasma field is a pulsating direct current. New Theories Needed

With the proper team of open minded scientists, this technology should be easily understood. since prototypes already exist. A few months ago, when the inventor invited scientists from all over the country, to help in compiling a reasonable theory or formula for why the invention works, he found very few takers.

One scientist, Dr. Andreas Kurt Richter, spent most of a week at the inventors home as a house guest. There were hours of discussion on physics and unknown phenomenon. In a letter, dated July 3, 1995, Dr. Richter states, I am a consultant to Paul Pantone in the search for the scientific and technical explanations to understand the operation of this energy device. According to my present knowledge it should not work and I would not believe it had I not seen it with my own eyes. It is my opinion that Mr. Paul W. Pantone has invited an amazing energy device or engine with potential as yet unheard of.

Another scientist, Dr. Grant Wood, has similar comments. Dr. Wood has taught automotive science for most of the last 35 years.

I am still seeking scientists, doctors, manufacturers, and all other professionals to assist me, not only in this but hundreds of other inventions and products and concepts. Testing

Getting testing done or the interest to get them done at such places as Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, Southwest Research Laboratories Universities, etc., is difficult. First you must convince them it works, and then have a ton of money. These laboratories have expressed that testing would be a waste of money, and their valuable time. Most simply do not understand this device.

To get testing done, the inventor went to numerous companies including Cooper Industries, Briggs and Stratton, Waukesha; (this list is quite long), and in most cases these industries were not interested, even though many sent representative out and can convey that the prototypes did in fact work. At first, most of the tests were accomplished on small internal combustion engines. Combustion studies were done in furnace applications to enable the inventor a better fuel study.

In 1983, I approached the small engine manufacturers in an effort to gain knowledge and technical support. Up to this point I had used old beat up equipment for most of my testing. Briggs and Stratton was the only company willing to discuss such technology which is advanced, they wanted to be the first engine company to go public.

A few years later in 1987, I did go to Wawatosa, Wisconsin and ran this engine, hooked up to their testing dyno. These test were done on crude oils, gasoline, and fuel oils, mixed with water. They knew the engine worked and would be controversial and suggested that I try to market the device the device in third world countries. I still want to market the device in the United States first.

A few test engines have been tested in cars. Now a 240 kW Waukesha Generator (Model #H2475) has also been retrofit with the GEET Fuel Processor and the only thing needed to get this into production is automatic controls and money. A Pollution Solution

Many have asked what the true value of this technology is. To being with, please place a value on what would it be worth, in dollars and cents, if you could just double the mileage/performance on every car, truck, locomotive, ship, furnace, boiler, hot water heater, etc., not to mention reducing pollution, on a world wide application? The truth is that if you only disposed of some forms of toxic waste, it would be invaluable to man. And if you generated energy from raw crude oil, without the need for refineries, this would satisfy many countries all by itself.

Although the automotive field is very large, our global buildup of toxic waste has become my first choice for production. This can be accomplished in a reasonably short time by installing electronic controls to the necessary control components.

Utilities and communities can greatly benefit from the GEET Fuel Processor, while running power plants, desalinization plants, pumping plants, etc., all the while getting paid to take toxic fuel to run the plants. When toxic waste is transported from coast to coast there is always a danger of accents, and by locating toxic disposal units throughout the country this will shorten the risk and distances traveled, providing more safety to the public.

GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology), was formed as a holding company for this technology. Patent applications have been filed for the US and foreign Countries. The GEET Business Trust is exclusively authorized as the only licensing agency of the technology.

Since this technology was published in the Exotic Research Report and its subsequent demonstration at the New Energy Symposium in Denver this April, many developments have taken place. Contracts are being prepared to utilize this technology on locomotives and power plants in other countries and the future looks promising.

However, I want to insure that the technology is not suppressed. So in the interest of humanity, 1000 units of my original prototypes are being made available at $2500 each.

A Ford Pinto 2300 Engine has been recently converted to use the device and is now in the shop being tested. We are expending every effort to make this unit available to Ford Pinto owners (with the 2300 Engine) within the next 30 days.

To obtain a GEET device, contact me (Paul Pantone) at (801) 281-2462. For those who are attending the upcoming International Tesla Symposium (July 18-21), we hope to have the car at the symposium for demonstration as well as our smaller prototypes. We will make a full demonstration of the engine.

Bruce's Note:

It all sounds great but this was from June article 1996 and here it is Mars 1999 and even thourgh he was granted a patent, Aug. 16, 1998. He has had only small investors and sold some plans and systems on generators but no major help $$$ that would get it out to the majority of the public and properly marketed from any source yet. Or the funds to set up for mass production.

Still suppressed? Many good ideas are it seems if somebody else is making big dollars.

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